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Sustainability, tourism and hospitality

We’re incredibly passionate about championing a greener future and we’ve had a green action plan in place since opening the hotel. Instead of needing to incorporate a climate-conscious work ethic into our practices, we took a different approach and made them a pivotal part of how we work and run the hotel from day one. We’re proud to be an environmentally responsible hotel and restaurant.

We’re also members of Green Tourism UK and were awarded a Gold Award in 2017 for our efforts.

Take a look at some of the the things we do to tackle climate change and to reduce our carbon footprint.



We understand the importance of the traceability of ingredients in our kitchens and always try to make sure our produce comes from sustainable sources. Much of the food we use comes from our two acres of kitchen gardens, but we also share some of our organic produce with our sister business in Pembrokeshire, Coast Restaurant in Saundersfoot.

Our chefs are also genuinely committed to using local food wherever possible and they’re passionate about forming links with the best food producers across Wales – including many farmers, fishermen, butchers, artisan food producers, and other suppliers within a 50-mile radius of the Grove.


Renewable energy

We are proud to hold a Green Electricity Certificate, as all our electricity is 100% renewable, clean electricity, generated by wind and hydro assets. It’s renewably sourced and can be reported with zero carbon emissions.

We’ve also been planting lots of trees, with 4000 planted in total to provide us with natural woodland spaces, alongside a sustainable source of wood for our fireplaces during the winter months.

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Hotels for Trees

We understand the importance of protecting our planet and preserving its natural resources and believe that every small action can make a significant impact. We’re proud to partner with Hotels for Trees Foundation, a non-profit organisation that aims to create a more sustainable hotel industry by planting trees.

Through this partnership, we’ll plant one new tree for every guest who chooses to skip their daily room cleaning. By participating in this initiative, our guests can reduce their environmental impact while also contributing to a more sustainable future.

We hope that our partnership with The Hotels for Trees Foundation will inspire others to take steps towards a more sustainable future. Together, we can make a difference and create a greener world for generations to come.

You can read more about Hotels for Trees and see how many trees have been planted by Grove guests here.


Energy saving

A 199kw biomass boiler supplies the whole property with heating and hot water through our own district piping network. Whilst 15KW arrays of solar panels feed our cottages and main house electrical system.

Energy-saving light bulbs across the hotel and our kitchens are fitted with induction stoves, ensuring that we’re as green and efficient in the space that has the biggest energy requirement in the hotel.


Fresh spring water

We’re very fortunate to have our own boreholes, which supply the entire property with beautiful spring water. The water, which is UV-filtered, is readily available directly from our taps. Reusable glass bottles also provide this water to our guests in rooms. We also donate 50p from every bottle of water to our charity partner, Welsh children’s hospice Ty Hafan.

two bottles of grove's spring water in the bar


Recycling and composting

All our glass, plastic, paper, and cardboard is recycled, while some of the cardboard is also used for composting. Our garden and vegetable waste is composted, along with all coffee grindings which adds vital nitrogen to the compost. The compost is used through the winter as a fertiliser to re-invigorate the soil in our kitchen gardens and flower borders.


Water Treatment

We’ve invested heavily in a water treatment plant and reed beds to ensure the proper treatment of foul water before it goes into the environment.

Grove at Spring time



In 2012 we began our woodland project and planted 4,000 indigenous trees to create a new, natural habitat for local wildlife. Since then, we continued our efforts to build an environment where local wildlife can thrive, ranging from simple approaches like hanging bird boxes, to more large scale plans like planting wild meadows.

To promote increased biodiversity, we created two wildlife ponds, which are now home to moor hens and ducks, while Canadian geese and herons also stop off for here on their journeys north and south.

We have also retained ancient hedgerows to sustain the habitat of the many species of birds, butterflies and other wildlife spotted here at the Grove. We have lists of all the animals and wildflowers available at reception for anyone interested in doing a little spotting.


Electrical Vehicles

At the hotel we have three universal type 2 charging points, which can charge any type 2 electric vehicle and which use 100% renewable energy. We provide a fair price for charging.

Grove is also marked as an accessible location on the map for destination charging in Pembrokeshire for the benefit of our visiting guests.




Upcycling opportunities have been enthusiastically embraced across the hotel, and we carefully mix old and new across the venue, with modern furniture and handmade original furniture by local craftsmen sitting alongside simple local pottery, textiles and antique furniture from local furniture bazars.
Welsh vintage lace and patchwork quilts adorn the walls, traditional Welsh antique blankets are stitched onto the back of modern sofas, and old silk saris have been carefully made into lightshades.

Old bronze ceiling and light fittings and their shades have been modified and sprayed to give them a modern twist. Chunks of Anthracite coal and beautiful wooden spindles filled with wool yarn form displays within glass tables in our bar and lounge spaces.

Our main bar is made of Welsh steel and Pembrokeshire purple slate, while antique miners’ lamps have been upcycled as gentle lighting in many of the bedrooms.


Ethical suppliers and partners

At Grove, our goal is to work exclusively with ethical businesses that share our ethos towards protecting and preserving the environment. For example, we were one of the first supporters of Goodwash, a Welsh cosmetic brand and social enterprise focused on producing an ethical, luxury wash, with vegan products sourced from natural ingredients in Wales. You can also purchase Goodwash products directly from our reception team.

The future

Our Carbon Promise

2022 is important because it will be the year we measure our carbon footprint for the first time. We will then be setting ourselves tough new targets in order to achieve Net Zero emissions for our energy by 2030.

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Grove seen past trees and grass

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